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Our Journey Begins

This is a Family Business
September 15, 2019

Welcome to LukiBug!

I’m Sarah, Founder and Owner of LukiBug. On my blog, you’ll see me share more about LukiBug and, well, me (haha!)

I started my company based on one question; which thoughtful and stylish brands can fulfill the needs and wants of me and my baby? My focus is on highlighting the very best brands to families, and that is at the heart of LukiBug’s YouTube channel.

LukiBug’s YouTube Channel helps families save time, money and energy by providing insight on different quality brands that I’ve personally purchased (not endorsed or sponsored in any way), used, recommend and therefore carry at LukiBug. These brands are highly functional, durable and stylish for parenting, travel, school and work.

I love shopping and I hope you do too, here at LukiBug! I’d love it if you have “joy in a bag” when you checkout your shopping cart. I’d also love to hear from you, whether it be to let me know how we did today, what you used your purchase for, which brands you’d like to see LukiBug carry, or to ask when we will be carrying a new release. Comment below, or send a note on our Contact Us page. You can also contact me on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter. I’m here to help, and guess what? Helping is what I love to do. Most of all, I’d love it if you’d join us as we grow together, here at LukiBug by subscribing to our e-newsletter! That way you can keep in the loop of new blog posts, sales, new releases, and much more!

From bags to everyday feeding items, LukiBug continues to grow, carrying thoughtful and beautiful brands for thoughtful and beautiful families.

Sarah from LukiBug

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