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12 Must-Haves in Your Diaper Bag

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September 15, 2019
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Though you may have thought you’re well-prepared for any situation (or that you can wing it through any situation with children), you’d be seemingly surprised at how unprepared you can feel when the odd situation arises. Based on our experience here are what we recommend all parents should have in their diaper bag when out with their child/children.

1.       Diapers / Underwear
You can never carry too many of these and if you are, you can always leave them in your car. Typically, for diapers, you’ll need to have 1-2 diapers per hour that you plan to be out of the house. If you’re out for a full day (8 hours) that’s a minimum of 8 diapers. Even if your child is potty trained, accidents happen so an extra 1-2 pairs of underwear is a good idea. Trust us, you’ll regret the day you didn’t have extras on hand. Check out this amazing 3-in-1 car organizer + stroller caddy + diaper bag, TWELVElittle On-The-Go Stroller Caddy.

2.       Baby Wipes
Just like diapers, you can’t carry too many baby wipes. You’ll use them not only to clean your baby’s bum, but also to wipe their hands, faces, clothes and whatever else your child can possibly get dirty. They also work well as cleaning wipes for leather car seats too! Nab this 2-in-1 car visor clip-on and portable Wipes Case by Itzy Ritzy.

3.       Changing Pad
A changing pad can be very handy in situations where you can’t find a bathroom or private space to change your little one. Accidents happen and sometimes you just need to take care of baby on the spot! Many diaper bags sold on LukiBug include a changing pad. The highly-rated and mommy-approved Itzy Ritzy Boss Backpack includes a huge changing pad with “head”/“toes” imprints to identify top/bottom of the changing pad.

4.       Diaper (Rash) Cream
Rashes can be terribly painful for kids and we wouldn’t want your fun day out to be ruined by a screaming child whose diaper is painful to sit/stand/lay down in. Keep your diaper bag organized and give yourself a peace of mind with Itzy Ritzy Tidy Tags.

5.       Hand Sanitizer & Bibs
There are too many times where we found bathrooms had run out of soap or the sink faucet wasn’t working. In these cases, a small bottle of hand sanitizer will do the trick, and it’s a great thing to have if your child likes to put their hands in their mouth regularly or eat lunch with their fingers! Tired of picking up after your child after a meal? Dress up your little one with a Make My Day silicone bib that catches messes, keeps your little’s clothes clean, washes easily and looks super cute!

6.       Extra Clothes
There’s some flexibility with what extra clothes you’ll need, but at a minimum you’ll want to always keep an extra pair of pants/shorts in your bag. There are many instances where we’ve experienced a leaky diaper and an extra outfit was very helpful. Pack your diaper bag with room to spare using handy and stylish Itzy Ritzy Packing Cubes.

7.       Wet Bag
Now that you’re prepared with extra clothes for your child, where do wet clothes go? LukiBug’s got you covered with Itzy Ritzy Wet Bags which have waterproof lining and a snap button strap to hang those soiled clothes, bibs, and garbage separately, like outside your bag, so your other stuff stays fresh and clean. LukiBug even has weatherproof Logan + Lenora bags featuring built-in waterproof pockets throughout!

8.       Stroller Hooks
Did you know that stroller hooks are one of the most helpful must-haves for a parent? Like giant carabiners with padding, they help you transport all your stuff by looping everything together so you can lug all your stuff from stroller to car to home all in one go — and comfortably too! LukiBug carries several stroller hooks including Heart Hooks and Disney’s Mickey Hooks.

9.       Bottles & Formula
Bottles (and formula) make life very convenient these days when trying to feed your little one. If you’re not breastfeeding, be sure to take advantage of the conveniences of ready-made travel size feeding bottles and containers. Check out this fashionable and handy Petunia Pickle Bottom Bottle Butler.

10.      Pacifiers
If your child uses a pacifier, pack two just in case one manages to find its way to the floor. Keep your pacifiers clean and easily accessible with a Petunia Pickle Bottom Pacifier Porter.

11.      Travel Tableware , Snacks, & Nursing Cover
Packing portable tableware and snacks is always a convenient way to keep your child happy, healthy and well-fed. It also saves you time and money from eating out. Re-Play tableware has a rainbow assortment of fun and family friendly utensils, buildable snack stacks, sippy cups and drinking cups that are both lovely and durable (made from recycled milk jugs). If you’re breastfeeding, having a nursing cover is not just to prevent a crowd of people from staring, it’s also to help baby focus on the task at mouth. Many babies get easily distracted and having a nursing cover will help baby keep their focus on you.

12.    Toys
One will do – be sure it’s one that your child has not seen before or is one of their favorites that can keep them occupied for at least 15 min. This will give you enough time to do what you need to do before your little one gets bored again. Silli Chews teether toys come in an array of vibrant-coloured and hilarious life-like selections to choose from (Chewmote remote teether) and safety tested for baby.

We hope this helps you prepare for the variety of situations you’ll run into during your outings. What else do you always carry with you in your diaper bag that you couldn’t leave the house without? Share with us in the comments below!

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